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About Disha

Disha Deshpande is a music journalist turned yoga teacher with an RYT 900 Hours in Classical Yoga and RYT 200 Hours in Ashtanga Vinyasa registered with Yoga Alliance. She is a Reiki Level 2 Therapist and a certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator.

Trained in Bharatanatyam (classical dance form), and being a movement junkie, she incorporates various art modalities into her work. Her classes are multi-style – Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative.

What my students say

Sigrid Pfeffer, Germany (Goa)

Disha is one of the best Yoga teachers I've ever met. Her practice was perfect for me - challenging, but very mindful and balanced, her personality is wonderful, she is sensitive, 100% authentic and has a lot of awareness, takes care of the students, speaks straight and has a good sense of humour. Almost everyday and during my Yoga practice back home now I've her voice in my mind..."tailbone in", "kneecaps out", don't forget the bandhas!...Thank you, Disha and hope to see you again.

Anubha Agarwal, India (Online)

Disha of Swastiastu Yoga is one of the rare Yoga teachers whom I can trust completely with the wellbeing of my body. She understands exactly which yoga postures are best suited for my body's need and how to derive maximum benefit. I live a busy life and I am serious about my fitness, hence finding an honest and a learned teacher was critical. That's when I approached Disha. However, if you are looking for a lenient teacher who will not make you challenge yourself, then Disha isn't for you.  Attentive, Dedicated, Punctual and spiritually uplifting teacher. What an experience! Thank you Disha!

Alan Wade, USA (Goa)

Disha is intuitively-focused & multi-talented...Precise style, inspired practice & well-rounded experience ground her classes in core Yogic movement, centred Self Awareness & well-earned health benefits! Yog is Oneness & Disha radiates Oneness. Seize the chance to participate in her programs!

Disha conducts regular YogArt workshops, that combine Yoga Therapy with Intuitive Art to enhance creativity, release old patterns, and establish a deeper communication with yourself.

A true blue nature baby, she conducts Yoga and adventure retreats in the Himalayas during the Indian summers, and Goa during winters.

She believes that a yoga teacher’s biggest guru is their own body and mind, and advocates a well-rounded self-practice. “A Yoga teacher is merely a facilitator for the sacred union of the body-mind-breath. She helps you understand and listen to the needs of your body and provide for yourself. Afterall, isn’t this body all you really have?”

Harsh Shukla, India (Online)

Disha has this uncanny ability of easing one into yoga. Her sessions are always methodically structured but not mechanically structured. Rather she finds ways to connect to all of her students on a personal level and inspire them. I was sceptical about joining a "Virtual Yoga Class" but she always pointed out ways each student can be better by noticing each one personally. She is very demanding of her students and expects them to put in their best efforts. Also she insists on perfecting the preparation to achieve the final pose, rather than the pose itself. Along the entire journey of 40 days, she has been more of a companion rather than a teacher, going through the same journey as we students have, not being just a sole observer. I am really thankful for her guidance, support and encouragement during the 40 days and would recommend everyone to join her on a transforming journey of self awareness.

Aditi Padhi, India (Online)

When I started learning from Disha I was terrified in a way - only, a big 40 something, sedentary professional can be. Through the decades many terrors had kept me away from living my best life....many not physical. In her class those esteem issues, fears were cleansed. I was made to feel proud, capable, loved and accepted like nowhere else. My experience with her in meditation and breath work was a polar opposite though ... it was humbling. I can honestly say it came from trust and belief in my teacher. I was gifted with energy healing, love, compassion and most of all, faith. Gifts that are immeasurable and timeless. So in the beginning this program taught me the willingness to believe in the self.... and the story continues from there on...

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